How to get Root access on Android? (6 programs)

How to get Root access on Android? Root pretty easy to get right, and they'll give you a lot of opportunities, and enhanced system configuration. We'll look at the simplest way to get them.
But first, find out what they need Android?
They are very useful to all users, there are many programs that require Root, for example, ad blocker, hacking games, there are programs that will help to increase the speed of the Internet, and optimization of firmware!

What programs are there for Root rights?
There are many, many, but today we will look at these: Framaroot, Z4root, SuperOneClick, 360 Root.

Framaroot 1.9.3
How to get Root access on Android? (6 programs)

Excellent program for root on many devices

With it, you just get Ruth one click! Upon receipt you are asked to restart your device!

Z4root 1.9.3

With this program you can easily get the route, it is suitable for Android 2.1 + and to Android 2.2.1.

SuperOneClick 2.3.3

Program for root on the computer

360 Root 7.1.6

Another program, which has a large base of phones to obtain root rights, more than 9,000 models of mobile phones and tablets.

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